#520 I remember like it was yesterday...

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Well, it may not have been yesterday, but it was a few days ago. I was up into the wee hours of the morning studying calculus for my most recent exam. The whole engineering-student-by-day thing ran into the photographer-by-night's time slot, and I managed to get a self portrait of my sleep-deprived frustration of integrating the square root of x to the 4/3 minus 1/16 x to the 1/3 plus....

Tom Harpstead
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Nice ... your frustration is well portrayed.

I may understand the power of calculus. I still can not do it. I have found several excel formulas that work for me.

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Great shot, looks likes math homework every nite at my house.

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What's your engineering discipline? I'm an EE myself. Enjoy the college studying. You won't have this much fun studying again, until its time to take your PE. THEN you'll REALLY have fun.

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I ducked Math; - I took a triple major; English, History and Philosophy, all mind benders in heir own right.