card reader?

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Can you recommend me a good reliable card reader for CF?

do you think it should be usb2 or3?

Thank you

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Lexar If you get USB 3 it is backwards compatible with USB 2.

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I got the Kingston USB 3 reader, and have liked it fine. It was about ten bucks less than the Lexar, though I'd probably go with that one if you don't care about the money.

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I have the same Kingston reader, pretty cheap and works nicely with my SD/CF cards.

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I like the Lexar USB 3.0

If you search this forum for threads with 'read' in the title, you'll find many threads on this topic. In my estimation, the Lexar USB 3.0 is the overall favourite.

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Even the Lexar USB 3 reader was unreliable at first. Some of my Sandisk cards would only work in USB 2 mode, for example. However, Lexar released a new firmware update.

USB 2 is way too slow for speedy downloads from modern, fast, high capacity CF cards.