WA 518 winner: relms

Fred Miranda
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Congratulations to relms for winning WA 518!

Thanks to all of the FM members who participated in submitting photos
during this assignment on Geometric.

You have chosen the winners based on your votes. The top five photos displayed below, will also be showcased on our Winners Gallery.

1st place · relms with 20 votes

2nd place · RustyBug with 15 votes
Crossroads of Light

3rd place · Jman13 with 14 votes
Skewed View of Order

4th place · Jred with 14 votes
Geometric Melody

5th place · normsmith with 10 votes
Botanical Geometric Design

Travis Rhoads
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Congrats again Robert, you are on a roll lately! Congrats to the other top finishers, good strong week.

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A big thank you to all who voted for "Remnants," and congratulations to the other winners. Your entries were awesome!


Registered: Aug 04, 2009
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Congratulations to all... These are exceptional images... Jim

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Really great submissions this week. It was the first W/A that took me more than a few minutes to decide which entry I wanted to vote for.

Pete A
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Some strong images in this challenge. The top five certainly deserved to be there.

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Congrats Robert. Great week super shots by all.