She said yes

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Just wanted to share with the community here this special day for me.

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Well the diamond cartel says you should be spending 6 months salary on an engagement ring (that's gross, not net) so I think you nabbed her for fairly cheap! Congrat's and I wish you the very best.

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...and from now on it will be..."Oh no you don't"...

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All the Best!

Great choice of stones, gorgeous setting --- platinum mount?

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Congratulations. My only regret in getting married is that I didn't do it sooner. Forty six years and going strong.

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Congratulations. Marriage is a great institution. Done it three times.

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say goodbye to enjoying life... lol just jokin, best thing thats ever happened to me


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I hope you purchased all the gear you wanted first! Kidding.

Congratulations! Been happily married for 26 years at the end of this month. Best decision I ever made.

Ed Swift
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