Anyone have some experience with this?

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I was looking to buy a 1.4 extender for my lens/camera (I owns the T2i, 70-200 2.8 IS, and I get to use my schools 7D almost every weekend. I am the "adoptive father.") I was looking at the Canon ones, but they are too expensive for me. But I came across the Kenko Pro 300, which is only $250. Not only that, but if the lens/converter combo is above f8, not only can it autofocus with no reduction in speed, but also you can still select different points! I would probably get it for Christmas (just recently got the 430 EX II and am in debt to my parents). Does anyone have experience with both the Canon and Kenko?

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My guess is that you're going to find that Canon glass is always sharper than off-brand. Why not go for a first or second generation used 1.4x from Canon? You should be able to pick up a good one used for $250.

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I bought a refurbished Canon 1.4 from my local camera shop, no regrets!

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I just picked up a 1.4x II for 230 here. I'm almost positive you'll be happier with the canon as opposed to the kenko pro 300.

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My biggest concern with the Kenko isn't the glass, it's the plastic body construction. It may be strong enough to support a 70-200mm f/2.8 but if you ever upgraded to anything bigger I have serious doubts and may even damage your camera mount over time with the lens you have.

I would use the Kenko with something like a Canon 55-250mm plastic body lens or something like that. With an L I wouldn't use anything less than the Canon TC.

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I recently purchased the Kenko 1.4x Pro 300 DGX for Nikon and couldn't be happier. Using it with the 70-200 VR1 and have not seen any IQ of focus issues. Hopefully Trenchmonkey ses this since he has a great deal more experience using the Kenkos. Also, take a look at Kea Photo and pick one up brand new for less than $175.


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What are you shooting? Any low light situations?

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One other thing to point out. You likely won't have much luck getting the 7D to AF at the F8 level, even with the pin tape trick. I have the Kenko 2x and thought it was quite decent. It did have CA when shooting backlit images.


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Hello everyone, and thank you. I actually forgot I posted here! I shoot almost everything (football, soccer, basketball, baseball, ect so yes, mostly low light) I use a monopod for my 70-200 if that means anything. I heard in some instances that it actually was slightly sharper and faster for AF than Canon. Anyone with experience?