Master/Slave wireless flash help!!!!

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So I need a little bit of help! I've own a Canon 430exii for about a year now and I just bought a 580exii to complement it. My intentions are to use the 580exii as the master and the 430exii as the slave but I can't seem to get the 430 to fire though. I'm using a Canon t2i as my camera, but that shouldn't matter since the 580 has a master mode, right? I think I just need some help with all my settings. Thanks to anyone to can shine some light on my situation (no pun intended)!

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You should ask this in either the Canon forum or the Lighting forum.

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1)The 430 must be set to the Slave
2)Both flashes must be on the same channel
3)The 430 must be in the Master's transmission range
4)The 430's sensor must be facing the Master

When this fails miserably, take a look at the troubleshooting pages.

Here is a link to the 430 EX II's manual. See page 33.

Link to Manual