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My golf clubs are missing from my flight this week. While I was waiting for them I took the opportunity to take some pics of the geometric luggage handler. The belts were moving and I was trying to get the motion with a slow shutter speed. Really needed a tripod. Interesting how it picked up more motion blur closer to the camera, angular speed I guess is the way to describe it. The scew at the bottom of the frame is in focus, so it isn't a DOF thing.

Wasting time with the pics and noticed that my bag hadn't shown up yet....

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Nice! This will definitely be a contender. I hope you found your golf clubs. If not, you will have plenty of time to go and take some more pictures.

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Hope you get your clubs,


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Frontier came thru and got me the clubs the next day. Outside of the wait, I lucked out in that I didn't have to lug them thru the airport to get home.

I'm starting to notice that I really only have dead time to shoot pictures when I'm killing time at the airport. We'll have to see what the next subject is.....

Pete A
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Nice and unusual.

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Man I'm not a happy flier, they did the same to me only it was a bike.
No time for anything also applies here.

PS-- bottom lit with a speedlight.

Good luck,