Photo competitions

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Wasn't sure where to post this...anyone have any resources for finding photography contests? I'm sure they announce them on certain websites and magazines...wondering what they might be or if there is a central location that lists upcoming contests, etc.



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This is from Chase Jarvis' bio.

"As a photographic master, Chase has won numerous awards from Prix de la Photographie de Paris, The Advertising Photographers of America, The International Photography Awards, and numerous photographic trade magazine throughout the world. Photo District News (PDN) Magazine called Chase one of the top 30 most influential photographers of the past decade."

So here's 3 awards... maybe look up more award winning photographers, see what they won, then you can trace that back to contests?

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depends on what you shoot. if its PJ, there should be local press organizations plus the NPPA. No lists, just google the stuff or like mentioned, see what others have won