anybody using PW FlexTT5 with 5D III? (beta 6.153)

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PW finally released (beta) support for the 5D3...

So far it seems to work fine. My 5D3 now gets clean hypersync at 1/250". And a very usable 1/320" (about 5% of dark curtain at the bottom of the frame).

But I can't get the Manual HyperSync Offset to have any impact, no matter how I adjust the slider from -1600 to +200. I'm applying the changes to both the TT1 and a TT5 and doing a complete power-down/power-up and initialization shot.

No effect on my 1D Mk III either (I use C1 for the 1D3 and C2 for the 5D3). The 1D3 still gets clean hypersync at 1/400" and slight dark curtain at 1/500". I was hoping to get clean 1/500 and slight curtain at 1/640 like I did with firmware v5.

Just a heads up (and invitation for shared findings) if anyone else was waiting to use PW TT5s with their 5D3.

Mike Milne
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Wondering if you've had any luck

I just got my 5D3 and updated my tt5 firmware. I have a 1D3 as well so naturally I'm curious if anyone has gotten better results and how.