WA 516 winner: relms

Fred Miranda
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Congratulations to relms for winning WA 516!

Thanks to all of the FM members who participated in submitting photos
during this assignment on Forgotten Items.

You have chosen the winners based on your votes. The top five photos displayed below, will also be showcased on our Winners Gallery.

1st place · relms with 32 votes
Back at the Beach

2nd place · Travis Rhoads with 26 votes
Where's my...What the...OH $^*%!

3rd place · shortpballer with 14 votes
Forgotten Addiction

4th place · Mado with 13 votes

5th place · Oregon Gal with 11 votes
Buried In the Barn

Travis Rhoads
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Congrats Robert, that was like being on the see-saw in the playground all week! Well done!

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A big sincere "thank you" to all of you who voted for "Back at the Beach," and congratulations to all the winners this week. The competition was fierce!

Robert (relms)

Jos Tesseract
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I've been away from FM for a while now. Seeing "Back at the Beach" on the landing page was a treat.
Great photo Relms! Though, the others are just as awesome. Yours reminds me of what I have missed this summer on account of going back to school.

Also makes me wish that 99% of my shooting wasn't club/event photography and was stuff I could do purely for creative output.

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Congratulations to everyone; excellent entries this week...

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Big Congratulations to Robert and all the runners up. Excellent entries this week!