Mobile app tools for the professional photographer

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Hello everyone. I'm working on some mobile app tools for photographers and would like to speak with anyone who'd care to offer advice or requests. Basically I've reviewed the mobile app offerings and see a lot of image processing apps. What I don't see are tools to assist photographers interact with clients. If you're interested in such a thing please contact me. I'd love to speak with you further. My goal is to develop a toolset that is compelling enough to warrant an annual subscription fee.

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I know that ASMP has developed an app for providing model/property releases & getting them signed on site using a stylus or finger on an iPad or iPhone. It's being further developed for other hardware. Theirs is free and can be found here.

Those kinds of things are helpful and if you can develop some apps on a subscription basis that is great. It might be worthwhile to contact ASMP to see if they'd like you to develop some other apps. I could envision an app that would help a photographer sit down with a client and create an estimate or even one that includes add ons and changes that would be a part of a contract that needs to be changed on the fly during a shoot. The photographer gets the client to sign off on changes right as the shoot is going on.

Sure, there might be some useful things for people in professional photography. ASMP might be willing to talk with you.