#513 The Birwood Wall

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Part of Detroit's unsavory past, the Birwood Wall was built to separate neighborhoods by race in order to secure loans from the Federal Housing Authority, a Federal agency that would not grant loans to those white neighborhoods that bordered black communities. Sections of it is still remain. It should really be seen in its entirety get the full impact as it not only tells a story of Detroit but of the African American struggles of moving to large cities.

My daughter, the writer, had an essay published in a literary journal a while back regarding her search for the wall.


Klaus Priebe
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This is a very cool view. Very sad about the story behind this though.

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What a story.
She writes (and researches) well, with...
guts, or courage, or whatever you want to call it...I wanted to see the photos she took from Emory's (the homeowner's) directions...

But, this is a photography forum, so...I do like the way you shot the wall; the angle gives life to the bus, and the people...boarding? Catching it? Missing it? Part of the protest?
The picture tells a story too...
Great Work, here, Rich.

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Thanks K&J! I am very proud of my little writer. She just has a way of telling a story...but then I might be a bit biased.

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Very very cool story - I know you are proud, I would be!


PS. nice photo.

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Sad part of life is "Reality Sucks"... Nice find... Good Luck

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An interesting representation of history ... gets my vote for "more than just a pretty pic" award.

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Great storylove the colors really stands out