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Thanks to everyone who participated in the WA 512! (Theme 'Skyline')

Voting for this assignment is closed.
Congratulations to the top 5 winners! Thanks for being a part of the Weekly Assignments.

 Final vote status 

Votes result
Volks1470, Sunset skyline over Fussa cityPollPollPoll22%
anselwannab, Grand (Lake) SkylinePollPollPoll00%
sbeme, Niagara Falls, OntarioPollPollPoll22%
Pat DiGeronimo, Skyline on the hay fields.PollPollPoll108%
Psychic1, The Battery...PollPollPoll65%
Travis Rhoads, Passing TimePollPollPoll32%
Chris Humphrey, Stormy Mountains SkylinePollPollPoll97%
rjs14, Skyline SilhouettePollPollPoll32%
MorrieC, Seattle in the SunPollPollPoll108%
sfmurph, SkyScreamer SkylinePollPollPoll00%
Lee Nelson, San Diego from Maritime Museum PierPollPollPoll11%
matejphoto, Midtown from Central ParkPollPollPoll65%
TweakMDS, Lines in the skyPollPollPoll22%
Tenn.Jer, Small Town SkylinePollPollPoll43%
forestmage, City and SkyPollPollPoll11%
John Richter, Lighthouse SkylinePollPollPoll43%
tgawczynski, Minnesota StormingPollPollPoll1612%
happyfamily, sunset skylinePollPollPoll75%
zndr, At the mercy of the waves A 66th BirthdayPollPollPoll11%
Strad, Hollywood BankPollPollPoll00%
Hightraxx, Below the StormPollPollPoll11%
James Markus, Meadow SkylinePollPollPoll65%
normsmith, Aftermath SkylinePollPollPoll11%
twistedlim, Line in the SkyPollPollPoll00%
Klaus Priebe, Santa Fe StormPollPollPoll3225%
Foggy14, Cottonwoods on the SkylinePollPollPoll22%
Total Votes129100%

« Sunset skyline over Fussa city »
by Volks1470
2 votes

« Grand (Lake) Skyline »
by anselwannab
0 vote

« Niagara Falls, Ontario »
by sbeme
2 votes

« Skyline on the hay fields. »
by Pat DiGeronimo
10 votes

« The Battery... »
by Psychic1
6 votes

« Passing Time »
by Travis Rhoads
3 votes

« Stormy Mountains Skyline »
by Chris Humphrey
9 votes

« Skyline Silhouette »
by rjs14
3 votes

« Seattle in the Sun »
by MorrieC
10 votes

« SkyScreamer Skyline »
by sfmurph
0 vote

« San Diego from Maritime Museum Pier »
by Lee Nelson
1 vote

« Midtown from Central Park »
by matejphoto
6 votes

« Lines in the sky »
by TweakMDS
2 votes

« Small Town Skyline »
by Tenn.Jer
4 votes

« City and Sky »
by forestmage
1 vote

« Lighthouse Skyline »
by John Richter
4 votes

« Minnesota Storming »
by tgawczynski
16 votes

« sunset skyline »
by happyfamily
7 votes

« At the mercy of the waves A 66th Birthday »
by zndr
1 vote

« Hollywood Bank »
by Strad
0 vote

« Below the Storm »
by Hightraxx
1 vote

« Meadow Skyline »
by James Markus
6 votes

« Aftermath Skyline »
by normsmith
1 vote

« Line in the Sky »
by twistedlim
0 vote

« Santa Fe Storm »
by Klaus Priebe
32 votes

« Cottonwoods on the Skyline »
by Foggy14
2 votes

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All very good entries here, it's really tough to choose just one.

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Some amazing work this week, good luck all this one's gonna be tough

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Man, i'm having a hard time choosing between so many good ones!