New Canon EF lens third party adapters announced

Fred Miranda
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New KIPON electronic adapters will allow Canon EF lenses to be used with Sony NEX and Micro Four Thirds mounts. Listing specific dates and prices to be determined.

Another company Metabones, already produces a Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX adapter for $399 but production is very limited.

These adapters allow Canon lenses to be used with other systems but the release of the new Canon EOS M mirrorless camera and its EF and EF-S adapter for $199 retaining autofocus and image stabilization could now limit the success of third party adapters.

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I don't think it will limit the success of third party adapters.
There is are already an established base of NEX and m43 cameras,
This will allow users with established systems to use there Canon lenses on more
sophisticated mirrorless cameras (than Canon is offering).
You don't have to dump the system you already have to buy a new system to use your Canon lenses.
These adapters have been wished for by mirrorless users for quite a while. The more adapters the better.