#509 Path Back to the Barn ...

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Did a free gig photographing some children at a local pony camp (my 11-year-old niece is one of the campers). Those kids rode their hearts out and I swear, are absolutely fearless. How more of them do not get injured, I have no clue. I held my breath during most of the shots!

The shooting conditions were abysmal, 90, fierce sun, dusty, harsh contrast and no respite the entire day. The action shots all turned out well and they will all get a souvenier of their week.

This is the four younger kids on the path back to the barn after a hard day of learning.

Travis Rhoads
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If it were not for the safety equipment, this would be such a timeless image. It is still nicely done, especially given the conditions you described. Well don.

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Nice shot, gives you the feeling of the hot lazy days of summer.