#509 The Winding Path Down

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Staircase in the Ohio Statehouse:


Travis Rhoads
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that could give someone vertigo. The layers are a bit hard to distinguish, but I like the overall concept.

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Very nice idea here; the symmetry of all the rectangles has a sort of structured attraction, and way down there in the bottom are the diagonally laid floor tiles...cool.

I also couldn't help but notice your avatar; looking straight up?
Good luck this week...

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Nice shot and capture,


Tom Harpstead
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Jman13, I love the symmetry. very cool indeed.


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Great texture and I like the effect you put on it. Good luck

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This is a wonderful architectural shot - lots of shapes and lines coming together to create a very evocative image.


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Great composition Jordan!

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Thanks, everyone. I was glad to see this..it was one of the last shots I took that day, as I was on my way back to my car.

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Great point of view and processing, well done!