#508 The Flute Player

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Angelica playing Paganini Caprice No.24

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Beautiful musician; I hope the background folks were listening - or at least polite...

I like the inclusion of the OOF music stand, but the expanse of ceiling is a bit distracting; I hate to see anything pull attention away from the subject...
Good work.

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Why are flute players always the prettiest girls? Great shot!

Oregon Gal
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Nice shot and looks great in B/W. Maybe crop some off the top.

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Angelica's name is perfect for her. She looks terrific. That said, I would have preferred this shot taken from a different perspective without the distracting lights in the background. as suggested, a tighter crop would help. I do like that you used a classic black and white treatment.

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I like the lights in the background - they make interesting curves for the eye to follow after running down the straight edge of the flute.

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Great capture and I love it in B & W. I don't mind the lights in the background although it wouldn't be too hard to add a sort of slight vignette that would help focus the eyes on Angelica. To be fair, though, she is so pretty that it makes very little difference since all the males are going to see nothing but her, regardless.

Paganini 24th Caprice, eh? She must be quite a virtuoso.

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Thank you all for your comments.