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With the popularity of iTunes and other digital music services, I have not bought a CD in well over a decade. I can't remember the last time I even took one of my CD's out and listened to it. Therefore, I figured that I would make my CD collection of old be the subject for this week's WA. If you can make out the CD titles in the photo, you will see that I was an avid hip-hop fan back in my high school and early college days.


T Smalls
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Three great albums. I liek the feel of this. Took me back to 99.

Travis Rhoads
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Aside from the great idea, and really nice subtle B&W conversion, the selection of Outkast being the most in focus label, is so fitting, since CD's seem to be outcast these days. I have not bought one in years, but still get them out and use the ones I have, and have been slowly digitizing all of them. Great entry, I really like it.

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Indeed, good take on this week's assignment; I like the selective focus, and Travis' point on the nature of "Outkast" is perfect...

Good luck this week,

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Great idea!

Oregon Gal
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Good choice for the WA.

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Eclectic collection!