#506 Red Wheels

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Shot this Monday morning in Central Park after my morning bike ride. Took me about 5 shots to nail down the right combination of shutter speed and f-stop. Then I just waited for someone interesting to zoom by me I have some other shots with more going on but I liked this one for its simplicity and the red tires.


Central Park, New York City
Canon T3i
Olympus Zuiko OM 50mm f/1.8 MiJ
NOTE: Exif reads 85mm and f/2, but that is because I have a weird ebay adapter and I don't know how to set it properly.

Travis Rhoads
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Very nice, love the motion, and very sharp for 1/30, well done.

Tom Harpstead
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Great shot from manual glass.

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This looks really good. I also like the red tires for this shot.

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Nice Pan! + I love Pinarello bikes!

mark fadely
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Yes, this is quite excellent. Looks like this place is full of Panners this week!

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Sharp pic!

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My favorite sport, good work with panning!