#506 its a bird, its a plane, its a........?

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i have never entered into this before as i shoot birds 99% of the time. however, i was driving home from photographing birds on saturday morning and i drove past this dog olympics type thing put on by the cape cod kennel club. it was too curious so i had to stop in and since i had my rig with me, i took a few shots. it was a lot of fun, totally different than creeping around and holding my breath that a birds does what i want it to!



mark fadely
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Wow! Excellent. Looks like you should shoot more of this. That's a fine capture.

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thanks mark - they're so much fun it doesn't take much to get the best out of the shots!


Travis Rhoads
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I love the all four off the ground catch here, nice job...great first time WA entry.

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What a great shot! All the legs are up!

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Very nice capture, lovely dog.


Tom Harpstead
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.... it's wonder dog GREAT photo! and welcome to the WA.

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Nice shot!

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I absolutely love shelties, and this capture of yours!


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As I'm sitting here going back through past contest winners, I'm singing the theme from Superman to my Sheltie, Jake, and I come across this Gem!!. Absolutely STUNNING!!!