#506 Cattle Penning Competition

Rick Joyce
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Cattle penning is a rodeo event where a team of three is given one minute to cut three cattle from a herd of many and then to drive them into a sorting pen. Each cow in the herd has a numbered tag on its back and only when the judge's whistle sounds is the team given the numbers of the three animals it must cut and pen.

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What a great entry Rick! Good luck!

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Great shot !!


Travis Rhoads
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interesting sport, and nice presentation of it.

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A fine&interesting action shot

mark fadely
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Yes, it is well done showing a unique sport. The composition and mood are both good.

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Nice shot and presentation.


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Yes, fine shot; the leaning animals really give movement to the photo...
Very Good one...

Tom Harpstead
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Excellent capture, yes pun intended.

Rick Joyce
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Thanks everyone for your comments. Cattle penning is a traditional event among ranchers and many are older than some in other events since their lifetime of experience and savvy chasing cows makes them often the best competitors.