#98 Visit Philly

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I decided to aim for the tourism section of advertising for this MA. I was up at 4:30am this morning, so I decided to drive into the city to see if I could get some sunrise shots. Unfortunately, I showed up a few minutes late, so I had to settle for the image below. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest this month!

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Last time I was in Philly was in 1967 for Naval firefighting school before going overseas. Nice city and cool shot.


Travis Rhoads
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Its a shame it has to be sized for the MA, looks like a really nice image, I like the long exposure effect in the clouds.

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Great Shot. Having spent many years in Phily and living near by, I am trying to figure out which bridge you took that from.

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You may not have caught the sunrise, but the pinkish hue is really cool.