Best of May-2012

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The 2012 wedding season ... rollin - rollin - rollin .....rawhide.......

Time to show the wedding forum your best/favorite shot of May 2012.

1. Time to bring your best/favorite work from May.
2. 1 month = 1 image.
3. Wedding related. If no wedding but provided other professional work .... photography wise .... lets see-it

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Candid of the Bride looking at herself in a mirror after the makeup-artist was done. I love the reactions of the Bridesmaids in the background.

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I'm not sure this was my best, but it's definitely one of my faves...

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Sam Hassas
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It was a busy month for us... 3 weddings, 3 engagement sessions, a maternity session and 2 family sessions, but this is my favorite for the month.... It isn't epic, it is a simple fleeting glance and a smile, but for me.. its personal. I've known the groom for close to 15 years. We first met the bride 3 years ago, when we all went out to dinner... she looked at him this same way and when we got home that night, my wife and I both said to each other that they were gonna get married.

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Carly and Chris

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Inku Yo wrote:

That is so hot! Total wedding photography porn. Great shot!

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Taken the last day of May...

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