#504 Picasso Forest

Klaus Priebe
Registered: Aug 28, 2007
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A macro shot from a slab of Picasso Jasper I have. Loved the rock when I found it and looks so much like a Picasso/ Monet painting. I guess we could call it a Picassonet.

Travis Rhoads
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I have never heard of a rock named that...but I don't know a lot about rocks either. I like it, and the take on the theme.

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Wonderful shot and very creative!

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If that was on canvas hanging on a wall, I would believe it was a painting. It draws you in and keeps you exploring. Nice job!

mark fadely
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Pretty cool Klaus. You always come up with something thought provoking and creative.

Oregon Gal
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Really beautiful rock. It has a nice abstract quality to it that I find mesmerizing.

James Markus
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I thought it was a painting. Good find Klaus.