#503 Tough reality

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For the past two years our daughter is battling rare stage 4 cancer.
Yesterday we got to ER again.
Thanks for looking.


mark fadely
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Wow, your story speaks loud and clear through this photo. Very powerful! From a photography perspective the nail polish is really an emotional hook. Thanks for sharing this personal struggle. You now have another person praying for her recovery.

Travis Rhoads
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wow, very powerful and touching image. My families prayers are with you and yours too.

Klaus Priebe
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Very moving image and our prayers are with all of you.
Cancer sucks.

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S, The way you are holding Katerina's hand makes it a very emotional image.
I cannot imagine the struggles you are having. God bless all of you and know my prayers are with you.

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Prayers for you and your family. Very moving shot.


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Very moving shotMy prayer for you and your family

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All my prayers for your family, we also had a tragedy that we are stunned about our great niece murdered in Crawford county PA by two girls 20 and 18 years old, on the 17th of this month. again all our prayers for you and your family.


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An incredibly poignant image.
Prayers, hopes, and kind thoughts for you and your Katerina...

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Thanks everybody for your concerns, well wishes and prayers. This definitely changed our lives in the past two years. It's extremely hard watching your child withering away right next to you and you are completely helpless to do anything.
It's not many things I enjoy now, but still stoping by FM now and then.

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As a father I can't imagine how painful it is for all of you... Saying a prayer for you and soon as I hit send.

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This is a very potent/thought provoking image. I understand your difficult journey and pray for a good ending.