WA 502 vote closed

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the WA 502! (Theme 'High tech')

Voting for this assignment is closed.
Congratulations to the top 5 winners! Thanks for being a part of the Weekly Assignments.

 Final vote status 

Votes result
Jman13, Innovation in EngineeringPollPollPoll44%
Liquidpics, High tech visionPollPollPoll22%
chovan, Wireless LightingPollPollPoll00%
Psychic1, AWEA...PollPollPoll11%
Tenn.Jer, Intruder on the DawnPollPollPoll00%
James Markus, The Golden Glow of High TechPollPollPoll109%
eager, Reflecting SpherePollPollPoll2119%
nburwell, BookwormPollPollPoll1312%
Travis Rhoads, "Can" you hear me?PollPollPoll87%
Klaus Priebe, Celestial MechanicsPollPollPoll44%
mark fadely, High Tech ToysPollPollPoll44%
weissj, What will they think of next?PollPollPoll11%
twistedlim, Arch BridgePollPollPoll109%
WreckerOne, SchickPollPollPoll65%
normsmith, Real Point and Shoot----PollPollPoll11%
Rick Joyce, High Tech CorralPollPollPoll33%
Bill Adam, Batteries not RequiredPollPollPoll98%
BertoBuckeye, Red Ring of DeathPollPollPoll1312%
Total Votes110100%

« Innovation in Engineering »
by Jman13
4 votes

« High tech vision »
by Liquidpics
2 votes

« Wireless Lighting »
by chovan
0 vote

« AWEA... »
by Psychic1
1 vote

« Intruder on the Dawn »
by Tenn.Jer
0 vote

« The Golden Glow of High Tech »
by James Markus
10 votes

« Reflecting Sphere »
by eager
21 votes

« Bookworm »
by nburwell
13 votes

« "Can" you hear me? »
by Travis Rhoads
8 votes

« Celestial Mechanics »
by Klaus Priebe
4 votes

« High Tech Toys »
by mark fadely
4 votes

« What will they think of next? »
by weissj
1 vote

« Arch Bridge »
by twistedlim
10 votes

« Schick »
by WreckerOne
6 votes

« Real Point and Shoot---- »
by normsmith
1 vote

« High Tech Corral »
by Rick Joyce
3 votes

« Batteries not Required »
by Bill Adam
9 votes

« Red Ring of Death »
by BertoBuckeye
13 votes