Smugmug issues

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Anyone having issues with Smugmug website performance lately? Using IE9 or Chrome, images take a long time to load, price lists give me a spinning circle, etc. I'm not having any issues with any other websites. It took me 6 times to load my most recent wedding gallery- process would abort without warning in the middle of an upload from Lightroom. Anyone else having similar issues? It's worked great for me for the past few years but the past week has been painful.

Carson Wilcox
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I have noticed my slideshow loading a bit slowly the last week or so. Didn't ask them about it but maybe I should.

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Loads just fine for me on Chrome or Safari. Every once in awhile, I've had this type of thing happen with one website or another and weirdly, it turns out to be the modem. If I turn it off, wait ten seconds, then turn it on again, it fixes it. It seems counter-intuitive that it would affect one website and not others, but I've had it happen. It even happened once with our own site.

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Like any site, SmugMug may be slow from time to time, and I suspect that may be times of heavy traffic, or some network equipment disruption (I don't know all the technical names) between myself and their servers.

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Hey guys. This is off topic but I figure seems I was looking for info from photographers. How do u like smugmug other than the slowdowns. I am thinking about it instead of going the personal website route.

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Love da 'Mug...not experienced any 'slowdowns' save for their scheduled maint. (I'm on broadband/Mac)