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Question for the real pro's here. Do Fujifilm's new X series cameras, particularly the X -Pro 1 have any real traction amongst pro photographers whose sole income comes from making images? It is easy for Fujifilm to call their cameras "Pro" but is there any real evidence that pros use them?

Just curious.

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Yes, but as has always been the case, many people can't or don't want to use a rangefinder as their primary camera.

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colinm wrote:
Yes, but as has always been the case, many people can't or don't want to use a rangefinder as their primary camera.

Fujifilm does not make any digital rangefinders.

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First you need to define the word "Pro", and good luck with that.

Second, it is just a marketing name and nothing else.

Will working "pros" buy it? Maybe, but not because it says Pro on it, because it is a great camera. Will they make the switch and use it as their only camera? I highly doubt it.

I know a lot of "pros" who have the Fuji X100 camera because it is a great camera but hardly any of them use it for their "pro" work. They use it as a backup camera, or a carry all around camera, or to shoot personal non paying gig.

The X-Pro1 is still a very new system and I don't know anyone who has it. While it may have the built quality of a "pro" camera it still lacks many features that "pros" things that working pros need to rely on to use it full time.

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Lovegrove uses and praises his x100 highly. He also points out its problems too.

I can see the x-pro1 being used by travel togs due to its size, but it's still early days. Lens options are still limited.

The name is a name. It's just another tool...

Jorgen Udvang
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For a professional travel photographer, it's close to ideal; excellent image quality, very good high ISO, relatively compact and good build quality. Add a 90mm and it's perfect. I consider it seriously for that purpose.

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I think they do but probably don't see much primary use on actual jobs. Higher end DSLRs are workhorses with weather sealing, fast and reliable AF, good battery life, dual card slots etc. while none of the fujis have these things and have had some problems (X100 SAB issue, 1.21 firmware disaster, X10 'orbs'). No doubt the x1-pro and X100 deliver sufficient iq to deliver to many clients (my X100 does) but it's the reliability and dependability that is lacking. I'm sure some use them as a second camera and also use them for personal work (I do) but I can't see much benefit over an slr for a lot of professional work.

Lovegrove maybe officially fall into 'pro' but he's a pro at teaching and distributing gear, he's not shooting advertising and weddings week in and week out. Zack Arias is probably a better example.

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The XPro-1 isn't going to replace my Canon gear in my studio any more than my Hasselblad gear has replaced my Canon gear. The right tool for the job and all that. But if I wanted to add a carry around system more for my personal enjoyment and as a back-up, it would be great.

However, it is so tempting to think what Fuji might do with a larger sensor given that Fuji has experience making medium format bodies and lenses. If they made a medium format sensor with their new sensor array and added a medium format body and their Hassie lenses for a price between high end dlsr and lower end mfd, it could take over the market. With their experience, it wouldn't be very hard. Of course, they may not feel there's enough market to do that.

But even if they come out with a full size dslr sensor it would probably out perform any Canon or Nikon out there, D800 included, and if it did that it would really be in mfd territory performance wise. I know I'd be selling all my Canon equipment and my H3D2-39 and four lenses.

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fuji makes a good product. i work with a guy who is a die hard Leica head. he's a working pro, been doing this for a living for a long time and know's good gear. anyways, he sold his m9 for the xpro1couldn't be happier. i have the x100 and take it with me on jobs but it will never replace my work cameras.

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+1 @ Fujifilm and full size or larger sensor. I really liked the DR of their S Pro Series cameras ... with the mix of small and large receptors, but couldn't get into the crop. Being Nikon mount (even though I shoot Canon mount these days) gave a bevy of glass to work with.

Fujifilm with its history @ Velvia, DR @ S Pro and the new array ... to me they would make a great FF or Leica S2 sized sensor. Personally, if they made a sensor the size of the Leica S2 and used a Mamiya mount for AF/M645 glass in a pro-build SLR body style ... I think they would hit a smokin' home run in the pro ranks ... from portrait to wedding to landscape to fine art.

The XPro1 ... catches my attention, till I start checking it out for serious contention. Then the other posts have pointed out why it isn't PRO (and not wide enough glass yet) ... even though it is reminiscent of an old pro rangefinder.

Come on FujiFilm ... get up with the big boys @ FF or larger.

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The X100 is almost certainly more popular amongst art photographers than commercial photographers right now.