#501 Old Farms and Their Legacy

Matt Ward
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I found this walking an old farmstead, I have a feeling this tire and many others in the area were dumped in the 40's and have been and will be forgotten by most.

I have been helping my father rid the place of these and other such stuff that should be removed. I am not sure why things like this were dumped and just left to rot, which history shows us does not work to well.

Travis Rhoads
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Very interesting, that tree just happened to come up in the middle of that tire all those years ago. Its a shame that some people, even that many years ago had so little respect for the outdoors and natural areas like this.

mark fadely
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I really like this one. Great find of something so unique while still fitting the theme perfectly. Love the title too.

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I just found out not too long ago that 40-50 yrs back tires were used to prevent erosion, I think mostly towards creek and river beds.