Continuous frame rate DSLR ( 5 minutes shoot )

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I own the 5d MK2 and I can shoot large JPGs at 3fps for 5 minutes without stopping
and now I'm looking to rent or buy a DSLR that can shoot at the highest frame rate at the best quality ( JPG or RAW ) for at list 3 minutes without stopping. I think I would be happy with a DSLR that can shoot 5 to 7 fps continuous.

Thanks for the help!

M Lucca
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Hmm... I'm thinking a Nikon D3s with its small 12mp and pro-FPS might be able to do the trick. Hopefully it has a larger buffer depth. You have to remember that the larger the MP file is the more data it has move across the pipe and into the CF card.

Therefore a 1d4 with 10fps might fill the buffer faster since it has 16mp. I don't know. Hence my suggestion for a 12mp d3s. Actually perhaps a 1d3 might be worth looking into.

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What on earth is your application for this? Must be interesting.

Have you thought about approaching things from the other direction and frame-grabbing from video?

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Thanks Lucca,
I was thinking about the Nikon D3s but I can't find a rental place online.
I had the D700 and I sold it to get the 5d!

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Hi Johntodd,

I'm doing some time lapse videos using a 5' slider.
I take about 900 shots at 3fps and the camera travels 5' in 12 minutes.

The 5D is doing ok but sometimes I need more fps.

If I set the 5D on a tripod, I shoot about 550 shots in 2.5 minutes and I get 10 seconds of video and it looks really smooth depending on the sobjet.

I do on a DvcPro HD camcorder but I like the quality of the DSLR.

Mr Joe
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LensRentals has the D3s:

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You may already have a handle on this, but make sure your memory card is fast enough to support such high write speeds or your frame rate may drop.

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Something like this?

Shot on 1DmkIII at 10fps.

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I think if you have a fast enough card (400 or 600x, I think) the 7D has an indefinite 8fps with jpgs, according to dpreview...

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Can you say video camera...

Erie Patsellis
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