WA 497 winner: Mairi

Fred Miranda
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Congratulations to Mairi for winning WA 497!

Thanks to all of the FM members who participated in submitting photos
during this assignment on Children.

You have chosen the winners based on your votes. The top five photos displayed below, will also be showcased on our Winners Gallery.

1st place · Mairi with 26 votes
Bug Hunt

2nd place · birdied with 18 votes
Questioning Eyes

3rd place · Jman13 with 17 votes

4th place · danny d with 10 votes
inner child

5th place · Travis Rhoads with 9 votes
Can I Please Tear Them Up!

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Congratulations Mari and everyone ! Wonderful shots.


mark fadely
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Mairi Pop-in-to-win is back!

Congrats to all here in the top five.

Travis Rhoads
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Congrats Mairi, well deserved, I loved that image.

Congrats to the other top finishers too!

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Congrats Mairi! All the images were very nice and deserved recognition. I was stumped for the last two weeks. Brain freeze .. on to the "Workplace"

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Congratulations to Mairi, and to all the runners-up - - and to the lesser-rans, because these are all beautiful children and amazing photography, whether children were in the frame or not...

Well, that ^ sounds a little awkward, but you get the gist of it...

"In the Workplace", eh? ironic, since I'm leaving on a short vacation tomorrow...I bet I'll see some folks working, though...

See y'all,

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Thanks everyone and congratulations to the top 5.

Well done to all who entered, lots of wonderful images as usual. (lol @ Mark)

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Great job all!