Italy with one lens 24mm 1.4

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Recently went to Rome, Florence and Assisi and although I took 3 lenses, I ended up using
the 24mm 1.4 for the most part of the trip. I would say that 98% of my images were taken with the 24.
The last time I was there most of my images were of the historical monuments, this time I wanted to photograph more of the lifestyle. I took about 1500 images and am still going through them.

Here are some with the 24 1.4

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It's a great lens, worth every penny. Thanks for sharing.

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Michael, those are amazing and inspiring photos. Part of it is the lens, but what really helps when the talent is there as in your case.

The one entitled "REVERENCE" is really incredible.

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I agree, great shots.

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very nice set! I like the Artists.... the shoes are a touch OOF - but in general, I really like the look of your images. They are wonderful. This is a lens I would love to get.

wayne seltzer
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Great shots! Favorites are the street vendetta,fruit stand, and triathelete shots.
You pictures show why I love this lens for low light and night shots and environmental portraits.

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Well donne and belle donne

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nice work man...

leighton w
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Very...very nice!

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These are incredible! Awesome use of the 24G

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Wonderful images - Pilgrimage for Francesco is especially powerful.

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Beautiful work!

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Very nice series of images! Impossible to pick a single favorite here.

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Thanks for posting these great pics and showing the unique perspective from this lens

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Very nice shots!



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Very nice shots!



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not overdoing..more please

very nice

Christian S
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What a great place to show what the 24 is all about. Love the woman praying.

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lovely work Michael!!!
If I had to pick my favorite would be the couple on bikes in front of Versace. I love how you captured heroff the bike looking into the store while the man is trying to speed past
I would love to see the sttings for each of your photos as well as your secret for getting people to pose for you.

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Love em all specially the second set thanks for sharing

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