#497 Rockies and the Cardinals

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With winds as high as 40mph..nothing was going to stop these amazing kids from enjoying their first game of Tee ball.


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I think children show better sportsmanship than adults, nice shot.


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Great idea for a shot I had considered something similar for my daughter's 12U team but I think the littler kids make this shot.

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certainly captures the theme!

mark fadely
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Nice one Carolyn. I like the expressions and how you caught the hand slaps near mid-row.

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I like this; the facial expressions convey the joy they feel at engaging in this post-game ritual that they've probably seen older siblings do...good catch on this week's theme...

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You really captured a sweet moment. Their smiles really tell the story. Well done!

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Must agree that the smiles are really special in this shot. Great capture.