Portfolio on Ipad / workflow for ipad 3 display

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I am thinking of doing a digital portfolio, now that the new ipad resolution is so high and the screen looks great. If I were to size photos to put on the ipad, what do I do to get them looking their best? Do I crop photos for the native resolution of the display on the ipad? Or does iphoto scale the photo to a certain resolution?

Does anyone have an ipad workflow? I would take RAW, process in LR or PS to jpeg, then load them on the ipad at a size that doesn't fill the thing up, yet gives me nice clean sharp photos to show.

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I'm using an iPad 2, and I resize the pictures to the pixel dimensions of the screen when I export from LR. I setup a publish service to a folder on my hard drive that iTunes is set to sync for photos.

If the file is bigger than the screen, it will scale it to fit the screen.

TJ Asher
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I have a copy of my portfolio on my iPad.

I resize the images to the iPad native resolution. That is, I resize them so the longest edge is the same size as the iPad max "height." I do this in Photoshop and tweak the image so it looks it's best at the native iPad screen size. I don't want the iPad doing any interpolation of my image.

Since most of my shots are DSLR they have a 2x3 aspect ratio. I try to shoot a bit loose to allow for various croppings - if you shoot portraits you know how important this is.

When the image looks good in a 4x3 ratio (iPad has a 4x3 ratio screen) I crop the image to 4x3 to fill the whole screen on the iPad. It makes a subtle but important difference when viewing the images. If a 2x3 ratio image is followed by a 4x3 ratio image the 4x3 image always looks so much bigger and better.

Hope this helps.

Mr Joe
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The big consideration here is zooming. On the iPad 2, sizing your images at 2048 pixels on the long side worked really well -- when you double tap zoom on the 1024 pixel image, then you're at 100% and everything is crisp.

On the iPad 3 you're at 2048 pixels right out of the box. If you want to support a crisp image with zooming, you'd need to size the images at 4096 pixels. Not sure that's worth the file size tradeoff?

Michael H
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I have a need to work on the iPad 2 and 3...err...the "new" iPad...

I have been scaling to 2048 on the long side via Lightroom 3 and its is working pretty well. I don't see a need to move to any higher resolution for zooming, etc.

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I have a question, what app do people use on their iPads to show their portfolio ?

Also, I was thinking that people would like to zoom, so as to get a better idea of what level of detail they would see in the final print/enlargement, so should I be exporting with double the number of pixels on the long side ?

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Look at SortShots. I read good things but haven't actually used it yet.

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I just read some reviews of Sortshots on the App store. A few people said that it wouldn't keep the sort and that it kept crashing.

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I have been using Portfolio for iPad. It is a little pricey when compared to most apps but so far I am pretty happy with it.


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stash is oddly named but good