#496 Indomitable Mother Nature

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My take on "Urban Renewal"...

Thank you for your consideration...

Oregon Gal
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Very nice, I like it!

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Very nice addition - "free" piece of paper..

Travis Rhoads
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this really works nicely, it is undeniably urban, yet focusing on the little details. Nicely seen and executed Jerry.

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Spot on topic. Well done!

Rick Joyce
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The juxtaposition of litter and new floral growth through concrete reminds me of Ben E. King's "There is a Rose in Spanish Harlem."

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Thanks to all for the supportive comments; this was one of those shooting situations that attracted some ...strange... looks: "What's with the guy on his knees in the mouth of the alley? Is he pointing a camera at the pavement?" There were a couple of big smiles, though...

Since my small town is anything but "urban", odds are some of them recognized me - which only adds to my somewhat eccentric reputation .

And Rick, now "Rose in Spanish Harlem" is playing in my head, but it's Aretha' s version.

Thanks again, folks...

Matt Ward
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I love this one. I looked for a similar scene:-) Very well done!

mark fadely
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Nice job Jerry. Your Urban renewal description brings home the story of this image. Really good work.

James Markus
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Well done, Jerry!