Fujifilm X-mount Image Thread

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Jochenb wrote:
Hmm I must say that I don't like the 18-55.
I'm a prime lens user (sold my zoom lenses years ago), but when I heard all the praise for the Fuji 18-55 I decided to give it a try so I got the X-E1 kit. My results are very inconsistent. The thing has some nasty field curvature.
I now see that more people noticed it.
Focus-recompose is a drama. Focus can be completely off. Sometimes it can be sharp all over the frame, I guess depending on what you focused.
It doesn't seem to be decentered (like a few other lenses that I got, also an XF 14mm), because there's no asymmetry between the edges.
The lens might be loved by many... but I'm certainly not one of those.

You may have received a bad copy. Swap it if you can and try again. You should be able to get very decent results from it.

Good luck...

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AbramG, very nice!

Three more with the XF14

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Jochenb wrote:
The 18-55 also has strong distortion. In Iridient Developer you can turn off the correction that's embedded in the RAW file (you can't in Lightroom). Maybe this strong -varying along the zoom range- distortion makes the field curvature less predictable.

Ken Rockwell says this about the 18-55
"Distortion as shot on the X-E1 is completely invisible, except for moderate to minor pincushion distortion at 23mm, whoo hoo! (I'm pretty sure that the X-E1 is correcting this automatically.)"

Photographyblog.com review says this
"At the wider end, the Fujifilm XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS has some barrel distortion, as you can see in the photo above, but it's no worse than you would expect from a 27mm lens."

Ephotozine says this
"Just over 0.2% barrel distortion is present throughout the zoom range. Not only is this remarkably consistent performance for a zoom lens, but the level is so low that it will be very difficult to spot."

Imagingresource says this
"Geometric Distortion
Low geometric distortion with the 18-55mm kit lens in JPEGs, though strong distortion in uncorrected raw files.
When shooting JPEGs, the Fuji X-E1's 18-55mm kit lens produces about 0.3 percent barrel distortion at wide angle, which is much less than average and just slightly noticeable in its images. It isn't very symmetrical though. Pincushion distortion at full telephoto is just over 0.1 percent, also much lower-than-average and hardly noticeable. This is the tendency for the lens to bend straight lines outward (like a barrel -- usually at wide-angle). The Fuji X-E1 compensates for most distortion, though. "

My conclusion is that there is some distortion, but that the lens does very well compared to other zooms. It is almost as good as some primes. The camera corrects some of the distortion automatically with jpg shooting.

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Marko, most of those reviews are based on the jpegs and standard RAW conversion. Those are indeed quite good. However: Fuji already corrects distortion in the RAW file. With some RAW converters you can turn this off to show the REAL optical distortion of a lens. With the 14 and 35mm there's no (or hardly any) difference. Those are well corrected lenses. Different story with the 18-55.
I found a review that shows what I mean:

"However, it is still interesting to check the original distortion characteristic - after all the auto-correction is a lossy procedure.
The Fujinon shows a rather massive amount of barrel distortion at the short end"

It's not a big deal (because the RAW converters correct it automatically), I was just wondering if this can have any effect on the field curvature. I think not, because most of the strange behavior is at 55mm.

I see that Lloyd Chambers also said something about it:
"This XF 18-55mm is a strong performer, but with a highly unusual behavior at 55mm."

*Edit: The strange behavior of this lens can also be caused by the IS.
I'll shut up now and do some more tests.

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fotografur wrote:
Rob_O wrote:
Sun made a rare appearence here in the UK last weekend ...


Just got around to page 73 on this thread. Beautiful series Rob!


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Spyro - nice catch on the duck!

And Xavier - really like the red berry bush image. Nice!!

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What's the best way to post images on this thread (for best quality)?

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Host your image somewhere which doesn't compress it, and post a link.

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Taken with XE-1 and 18-55mm zoom

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Soft whispers in the early morning by george saad, on Flickr

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X-Pro1 and 35mm:

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I am slowly PPing the photos from recent sailing trip to Croatia.

I'll be adding them to this flickr set:
1309 Croatia Fuji

Here are some favorites from the first batch:


XE-1+18-55 or 35+Lr4

Thanks for looking!

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So many inspiring pictures in this thread.

Love shooting with this camera in the studio.

Fuji X-Pro 1
Fuji XF 35 1.4 @F8

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Some with the X-M1 today:

With Konica Hexanon 57mm f/1.2:

Another photographer at the falls:

With the 14/2.8:

With the FD 85/1.8:

And the first one, but this time in black and white:

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Nice shots Jordan

Here's one of Emily with X-E1 + Oly 50/1.8 MIJ

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A couple from the weekend using the XE-1 and 35mm lens:

Untitled by P. N. Arruda, on Flickr

Untitled by P. N. Arruda, on Flickr

Untitled by P. N. Arruda, on Flickr

Untitled by P. N. Arruda, on Flickr

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Selection of recent B&Ws. Any noticeable grain is added in post and not noise due to ISO setting or sensor.

All taken with X-E1 and 18-55 kit lens @ 18mm ...

On the train to Prague, somewhere between Brno and Praha.

Lounge at the Steigenberger Hotel - Vienna

Church in Vienna

Another church in Vienna

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Nice photos you all!

Here are some more:
XF 14


A rather significant crop and vigneting added in post:

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Hello All on the thread.

Love the photos you all post, and they convinced me to keep the XE-1 :-)--ALMOST. I don't like the Fuji colors OOC so want to find out more about post processing them easily--what to use and what setting. I like detail in photos, and don't like "smearing"

I would like to get in touch with frezeiss--I came across his post re post processing the files from Fuji X-Trans. Cabbit find the info now, and wasn't sure what programs he used.

Would be very grateful if someone has freaeiss's email or how to contact him :-)


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Oslo opera house with X-E1 and XF 14mm (the bizarre picture is an ad for the upcoming opera "Le grand macabre".):






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