Fujifilm X-mount Image Thread

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Helena - Your photo's are driving me insane, in the nicest way.
You are definitely my favorite poster on this thread and every time I see your wonderful pictures I keep saying to myself that in the near future I must sail up the northern coast of Norway and go exploring. Perhaps one day I will find a great place to winter over and spend a whole year exploring the beautiful part of the world you live in.
Keep those beautiful photo's coming.

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HelenaN wrote:
Very busy, so no time for commenting right now. Glad that there is a Like button!

We spent a week in north-eastern Norway, close to the border to Russia. What a great trip! Nice weather, light and clouds, and it had been unusually dry = early fall colors and not a single mosquito! All taken X-E1 with XF 14mm.

beautiful set as always! i particularly like the whale skeleton.

HelenaN wrote:
1. Just outside the frame to the left there's a shallow river which forms the border to Russia. In some places it's so narrow that you could jump across, but that's highly illegal.

i would have a very difficult time not pulling a

" target="_blank">homer simpson at such a location.

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Wow!! Helena, your shots are so wonderful!

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quick thoughts....
I've picked up the X-E1 (for the second time actually) in hopes that I can make a X100 style camera using the 27mm pancake but get the performance of the newer chip instead of buying the X100s with the added bonus of change the lens if needed. The one thing that I don't like about the X-E1 is the EVF, there is quite the delay in low light and it just feels off. I have never had the opportunity to play with either x100/x100s/Pro1 to see if the hybrid viewfinder is the better answer. I guess my question is should I get the 27mm and suck up the view finder or should I buy a used x100 (just can't afford the X100s) oh yah I'm a shallow depth of field kind of guy so it will mostly be shot wide open.

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New X-Pro-user here. Thanks for the inspiring photographs shared at this thread.

Party is over von georgsfoto auf Flickr
post-season blues at the Baltic Sea, X-Pro1, XF18mm

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X-E1, 18-55....

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Various remote places in Utah. X-Pro1.

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Jeffery, these are lovely!

Spyro P.
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Jeffrey I reckon the last photo is one of those rare ones that would work equally well in B&W as well

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X-Pro1 and 35mm

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Thanks for the kind comments! I really appreciate it.

Martin, if you could do that you'd love it! I too would like to live up there (or maybe even at Svalbard/Spitsbergen) for a year or two.

sebboh, funny. The border guards are very alert though. We thought we were completely alone until we stepped down to the river in a secluded place. Within just a couple of minutes a military truck with three armed guards showed up. Slightly worrying at first, but they were very friendly (even allowed me to take photos of them by the border markings with the Russian side in the background just a few meters away) and just wanted to make sure we were aware of the rules.

In that area there is a spot where the borders for Russia, Finland and Norway meet and the monument is veery tempting to walk around. Not a good idea though, because there are surveillance cameras and border guards around. The guards told us that the day before some Dutch tourists had done it anyway. They were observed of course and their car was stopped on the way back. They were taken to the local police station and had to pay a stiff fine. Good for them it was the Norwegian guards that caught them and not the Russians...

-georgms, interesting photo with the beach chairs (or whatever they are).
-jeffrey, really like that first one!

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Another one from the trip (X-E1 and XF 14mm again):

Abandoned fishingboat by Helena Normark, on Flickr

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Helena, that last one's awesome. Wish we had places like that around here....

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Helena..why are you wasting your time taking so many landscape and scenic shots with the Fuji. Haven't you heard Fuji is no good for that type of photography because all of the "water color" effects..

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I concur, that fishing boat shot is excellent.

Also, that's correct, you can only use full frame cameras for landscapes. Common knowledge

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Thank you Jordan, allstarimaging and itai195! Funny comments... If I pixel peep I can see the water color effect occasionally, but I rarely do that and the overall look more than compensates for it (for me), so I'm very happy with the camera.

Gary Clennan
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Awesome Helena! Well done.

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Helena the fising boat image is beautiful. I do love your northern landscapes images. Fuji should buy a few and put them into their promo material.

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Lovely pictures (as usual) Helena.

Here's my last ones from NYC.

NYC skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park

And another from further around, with some foreground interest.

Hardly original, but I had fun and came away happy.

I really wish that TS lenses were available for this system!

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Some more pics from Finland. This time a crafts museum, Luostarinmäki, in Turku, that is located in a preserved area with houses from the 17th century (I think). During the Summer, artisans in costume work there. It's a wonderful place. All of them with the XF14 (and some even feature people!!).

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