Eye See You ...

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... but hurry up, I'm not gonna sit here all day.

Shot with a 24mm TS-E (uncropped, except to square format it). Challenging to manual focus quickly enough to get it where I wanted it (i.e. near miss) ... not much of a poser.

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I call this a "tweener" facial angle, halfway between profile and a balanced oblique view showing both eyes and a balanced face.

Does the OOF far eye make the nearer one more interesting? Not for me. I'd rather see one eye in focus in a clean profile (nothing on the far side seen) or a more balanced oblique view with both eyes in focus because that's how I perceive faces in person.

Next time bring along some bananas so your subject will cooperate more and follow posing instructions.. You put the banana on a stick and have your assistant hold it...

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Really nice shot. Lovely mood.

A few bits I'd alter slightly, the background feels a bit bright, not quite certain how I'd tone it down without having the sky overpower that corner though. Is there any sky left in the original file you could bring back?

Much as I love the detail in the hairs on the eyebrow, I'd rather look at the eye and I'm being torn between the gorgeous colour in the eye and the bright hair on the brow.
I'd be looking to just darken them down a little.

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Very interesting lens choice, Kent!

Something like this, Paul?

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Close, but i'd keep the colours on the background as they were, or at least graduate the saturation towards the horizon, (then put some sky in) and not lift the gorrillas face at all, I think the skin was spot on.