What is your NEX lens lineup?

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On another thread, some people are saying they have found their lens lineup for NEX, so what is your lineup? What are you looking for?

Mine currently:
18-55 + 16 + FE
CY 35-70 + 28/2.8 + 135/3.5
G90 + G45
OM 50/1.2 + 28/2.8

Not sure if I will keep the G's due to overlap. I'd like to fill the UWA slot, hopefully with a native NEX AF lens in 2012. I love the G90, but am considering replacing with a CY85/2.8, as I could enjoy it on my 5D2.

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it's like asking what alt lenses do you own, since nex can take all the good ones.

travel kit:
rokkor-m 28, 40, 90
e16 + uwa


dream lens: nex/zeiss 35/1.2 sonnar

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Ken - true! It kind of leaves out the ZE's and ZF's, unless people are using those as primarly lenses in their NEX kits - which I'd still be interested to see.

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Hmm, too many

G21, 28, 45, 90
C/Y 28, 50/1.7, 35-70 on the way
Kit, 16 + wide adapter
Olympus 100/2.8
Nikon 50/1.4
Nikon 28/2.8
Minolta 24/2.8, 35-70 3.5 macro

How can we get someone to develop a decent G adapter that does not bind up
I love the results, but it takes me way too long to focus.

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After a solid year and a half of trying out quite a few lenses, I've settled on the NEX-5N with:

CV 15/4.5
ZM 35/2 (my general, everyday lens)
ZM 50/1.5
Contax G 90

I also occasionally use the kit zoom for stabilized family videos, and I have an old Zeiss Jena 135/3.5 that I can use if I need something long (rarely happens.) Like, mco_970, I've recently considered replacing the Contax G 90 with the C/Y 85/2.8, so that I'd have a nicer focus ring, but I'll probably just stick with the Contax G.

I think I'll be using this lineup for a while, unless a 35mm sensor mirrorless comes around, for which I'd have to reshuffle my focal lengths. Cheers!

p.s. other lenses I've owned/tried in the last year and a half:

Sony 16
Contax G 35
CV 35/1.4
ZM 35/2.8
MS Optical 35/3.5
CV 50/3.5
CV 50/1.5
CV 85/3.5
A bunch of Canon FDs

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Hi Doug,

Do you have any samples using the ZM 35/2

That is one lens that seems to be calling me


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CV15, G28/45/90 and 35/2 ZM.

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Great thread idea! I'm still struggling a bit on this, but after analyzing my archives in LR, I'm heading toward something like the list below. I hike and backpack a lot, so weight and size are important...


1 Lens -- ZA E 24 (sharp, 1.8, nice FL w/AF, can stitch wide landscapes if needed)
2 -- 16mm, ZA 24 (a little more landscape reach, and the 16 is weightless)
3 -- 16, ZA 24, ZM 50 (50 for stitched shots and mild tele)
4 -- 16, ZA 24, G35 or ZM50, G90
5 -- All of the above, plus a minolta 135 if weight is no issue..

I'd love to upgrade the Sony 16, but it's tough to do on the 7. Maybe some wide CV's when the 7n comes out

TeamSK jay
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CV12, OM18, CY50/1.7 are what I currently think of as my NEX system.

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OM Zuiko 21/3.5
Zeiss Biogon C 35/2.8
Contax G 45/2
SMC Pentax 50/1.7 (surprisingly as sharp as the rest)
Contax G 90/2.8
18-55 Kit lens

Waiting to hear what people think of the Conurus EOS-E mount smart adapter for my ZEs

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Sony 16, 18-55
Zeiss ZM 18
Contax G 28, 45, 90
Leica R 60 f:2.8 Makro, R 35-70 f:3.5
On order: Zeiss ZM 35 f:2.0, Leica M Elmar 24 f:3.5

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The second line of lenses from the top:


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Here's the core kit:

Zeiss ZM 18 f/4 Planar
Leica 35 f/2.5 Summarit
Zeiss ZM 50 f/2 Planar
Zeiss ZF 100 f/2 MP

I'm wanting a fast 1.4 lens but that seems to cost the car in M-mount

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Douglas123, in your list of FD's that you tried, was one the Canon FD 35mm tilt and shift, I have really had lots of fun with it although i have yet to figure it out, I just shoot and experiment. The only thing wrong with putting Canon or Nikon on my Nex is the adaptors are pretty deep, just adds to the total length of the lens. I was very interested to see JohnEdwards using both the Canon mount Zeiss 21 and Zeiss 100 on his Nex.

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Nope, haven't had a chance to try the FD 35 t/s.

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I rotate:

16mm + Voigtlander 35/1.2 + Contax G90
16mm + the Contax G 28,45,90
16mm + Rokkor 28/2 + Rokkor 58/1.2
16mm + OM 21/3.5 + OM 28/2 + OM 50/1.8
or even the super unique 16mm + 18-55mm combo

I change it around every now and then, but the Cv35/1.2 combo looks promising - just got this lens and it is awesome even wide open.

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Just starting out, but here's my current lineup:
FD 28/2.8
e30 macro
K 50/1.2
R 60/2.8 Macro (on its way)
Zeiss Jena 200/2.8 (waiting on adapter)

Looking for:
Pentax M42 15/3.5
A well-loved (cheap) R 100/2.8 Macro

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If I have an adapter that will allow me to mount it on then I will use.

Generally I bought the NEX to use with all old FD glass from the 7.5 FE upto and including the 150-600L. It looks funny when attached to the big white zoom lens mounted on the tripod.

But I also use all my Zeiss ZF's on it, and last year I started using the EF 15mm fisheye and 17-40L preset to F8.

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Daily grind:

Nex-7 + tamron 17/3.5, (my gf wants af on her nex-5 with the 16/2.8), CV 35/1.2 v2 (my girlfriend uses the Contax 45/2 :P ) and the contax 90/2.8.

Joop Mees
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Voigtlanders 15/4.5 25/4 and 40/1.4, Leica 35/2, Canon 50/1.2, Hexanon 50/2 and 90/2.8
and sony 16mm

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