Recommendations for a Tripod for the Sigmonster...

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Have the Sigmonster in my greasy little hands and now need a less greasy Tripod.
No IS means I need the really good stability and with my suspect LLT I will need all the help I can get. Currently I have the Induro C414 Carbon 8X tripod which served me well for my Canon 600 F4 MK1 and 400 2.8 MK1 when I had them. Also still have the Jobu Heavy Duty MK III
which seeme to support the Sigbeastie with my 7D or 5D MKII nicely.
I had an incident with the tripod legs giving out with the 600 and luckily I was there to catch it so I am hoping this will not happen again (nor do I want to chance it) as the Sigmonster and 600 F4 are similar weights but the Sigbeast is longer.
With busting my already depleted account,. what would be my best bet?


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This is what I use

with this head


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Either this one:

or this one (heavier duty and better for your new lens):

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I was shooting a 500 f/4 with a Gitzo 3530 LSV with a Wimberley II, when I got the 600 f/4 I realized that I needed a stronger tripod. I went with the Gitzo 5541LS and it has definitely made a difference in the sharpness of my's not cheap but it is one rock solid tripod.

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Thanks for the recommendations everyone!
Looks Like its not going to be an inexpensive solultion.....
Will try some more shots with my current setup as it wasn't too bad today

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This is pretty easy, especially if you have a limited budget.

Tripod: Berlebach Report, either the 2002 (if you're short) or the 3002 (if you need more height). There are no metal or carbon fiber tripods that give you the dampening of wood. And the Berlebachs are way cheaper than CF.

For the head, look for a Manfrotto 393. It's about a quarter the cost of a "tony" Wimberley, and butt-ugly to boot. But you get the long Manfrotto plate and no matter what camera body you put on the lens, you can find a perfect balance point.

I use this setup with a Canon 600 f4 (non-IS) on both the heavy 1DsII body and the light 60D. My ancient 600 tips the scale at almost 14#. With long, heavy, high-distributed-mass lenses, balance of the mount is everything. Except times two for no IS.

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Thanks David
A wood!
I will have to check these babies out
My current one is kinda busted after it had its last incident and I am nervous using it
Never thought of a wood tripod but it makes sense with the absorbtion and dampening affect of wood. Now all I would have to worry about is termites and woodpeckers!