Happy New Year 2012

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Nothing is more important than another light year in front of us. Happy New Year everyone. Stay heathy and wishing all best light to be with you.

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Happy new year every body!


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Now New Year is for Canon?


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Happy New year to all. Looking forward to a new year with NO natural disasters (from a Canon point of view)

Pixel Perfect
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Here's hoping everyone has a safe and healthy 2012 and does a ton of shooting.

Also here's hoping Canon give us a 5D III/7D II and mirrorless camera and that the 1.3x sensor finds a new home.

Tom Dix
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I am ready to turn the page!

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Happy New Year. May it bring a terrific year of imagery for you beyond imagination.

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Happy New Year 2012...

Stay Vertical...

And Thank You For Your Support...


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I have just got back from the pub....but had to check in on my most visited site....HNYear all.....keep the faith...hope the bubble bursts and electronic gadgets (such as cameras) start to be sold at a more realistic price...a price that reflects the 2012 meltdown that most economists are predicting!

Could be a golden age for those with cash to buy gear!!

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Prospero Aņo Nuevo!

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EB-1 wrote:
Now New Year is for Canon?


Have a beer, relax.
Happy 2012 to one and all.
Next year may you get all gears which your little hearts desire.

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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year

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Too bad it will be a short one...

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stanj wrote: Too bad it will be a short one...

Actually, since this is a Leap Year -- 29 days in February -- I'd say it'll be a long one.

Geert Koning
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Happy New Year

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Happy new year everybody!!

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Damn you ebh you beat me to it.

I wanted to be the first to go "how's this canon related".

So bah I'm "first" at being second. Thanks!

Oh and given how far off our calendars may be, I'm celebrating new years when I feel like it. I'm thinking Wednesday of next week.

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