Best bang for buck p/s from Canon

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Wife wanted a sewing machine for x-mas...changed her mind. Would like a new camera.

What's best bang for buck out of a p/s for someoen who has no desire to elarn photography?

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come on... read the posts, go to amzon and "in 4 1!"
You better act fast, too...

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The conventional wisdom, every time this is asked, is either the G12 or the S95 (smaller than the G12). I have a G12, and it's a very fine p&s camera; I assume the S95 also is very good, and may be even better for her uses.

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Kodak Easy-Share, like this one. Or a 1950's Singer?

Edit: $99
You did say bang for buck, and no desire to learn photography!

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S100, or S95. My wife recently got the S95, and finally allowed me to convince her to set it to Program instead of Auto -- she's much happier with the pictures than any other P&S. Great little camera. Check that price on Amazon -- $229 for the S95 today.

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Thanks, close to ordering the S95.

Quick question, is it "better" than one of the "elph" cameras?

She has one of those now, and it's a POS.

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Bought it, thanks.

PS be careful if you try to add other shit with it. I wanted to buy her a memory card, and it was charging for shipping on the card...barf.

I can buy my card from newegg with free shipping.

Okay thanks again!

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I bought the S95 used here after askinng a similar question 3 weeks ago. Great camera, love the RAW. Flash is weak but that's to be expected. Great size, good build, excellent so far. The amazon deal for $229 today is sweet. I got mine used for $250, but with several cases so I'm still happy.

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Robert, I considered the S95 as well, but ended up getting a Panasonic TS3. I too have a little boy (he's 2) and in the end the waterproof/shockproof design was more important than ultimate IQ.

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my wife is happy with her S95. It's also only $229 currently on amazon!

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Looks like you bought just in time as the price is no longer $229.

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I had thought about the elph 330. I thought the only big difference between it and the S95 was not as much manual control on the elph ? I assumed IQ would be close to same on both...? Both have the same size sensor and DIGIC4...I was looking for something cheap to leave in the car all the time. Just in case a photo opportunity popped up.

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The S95 has an sharper and faster lens at f2.0.

Plus it does pretty well at high ISO too. (ISO 1600)