Looking for help with PW Flex and Zones

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Okay, I would have thought I could find stuff on the web for this, but I wasn't finding anything specific to what I want to do, so I figure I will toss the question up and see if anyone can help me.

Here is what I have and want to do.

One Canon 580ex II
Two Canon 430ex II's
1 PW Mini (on Camera - 1D MIIn)
3 PW Flex (one for each Flash)

I want to shoot in ETTL, with the 580ex in Zone A set to either EV 0 or EV -2/3
and the 2 430ex in Zone B set to EV +1

The two 430's are NOT Line of Sight to the 580ex.

I will also want to shoot is some cases with all the flashes in HyperSync mode (but not always necessary)

How would I set this up with the PW's? From what I am reading I may need an AC3 Zone Control, it's fine if I need one, but if I don't that is also fine. Do I need to use the PW software to set each Flex?

Any simple repeatable instructions will be greatly appreciated.


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Posted wrong link
Here is the correct one.


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I have a similar setup (2x580II, 1x430II)

For shooting with different EV I use the AC3.

No special Setup needed. Simply put the Mini+AC3 on the Camera and the Flex on the flashes, choose the zone and same configuration (C1 or C2) and there you go. I think there is no special Setup necessary for Hypersync or HSS. No setup is required on the flashes (no Master/Slave setting!)

Line of Sight is not necessary as they are radio triggered.

Only software setup is to ensure that all units are at the same Firmware level.

Setup is definitively very easy


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The AC3 is the best thing about this system, otherwise to get any control beyond basic triggering or or TTL you need a flash sat on the camera.

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So it looks like I need a AC3... Not too expensive at $79 and will do exactly what I need.