Best Compact Tripod

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Ok, I asked this wrong a while back, so I will try again.

I have a Velbon Ultra Max I s. After extensive use, one of the legs no longer locks (beyond repair)

I guess the model I have is no longer made, it is about a foot long when collapsed, and about 44" fully extended.

I loved how it would support my gripped 5D with 28-70L pretty well.

Any other models being used out there with similar specs?

I would like to keep it under $100 if possible



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Generally, no sub-$100 tripod is going to be very sturdy or durable. Sorry.


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Well, if you count legs only, the Slik Pro 700DX is a hell of a value for the money at $89. Mine is ten years old now and has stood up to a lot of abuse. But it's neither compact nor light.

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The 700DX is hardly a 'compact' tripod though, it's actually the opposite!

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should be on General Gear-Talk board.

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Not sure what your needs and requirements are but I take this on hikes with me. Works for me but YMMV.

Carbon fiber and less than 3 lbs and supports over 15 lbs. I got one on e-bay for about $50. Bring your camera setup to BestBuy and set it up to try.