Crud! Printer just died - Recs for an all in one?

Bruce n Philly
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My HP 6110 all in one just died and I need to run out an get a new! Any recommendations for a good all in one? I need the following:

1 - Scanner
2 - Feeder
3 - Photo Printer
4 - Multiple Ink cartridges

The HP 6110 I had was probably 7 years old and actually did a decent job with simple photo printing as I do light photos (very cheaply built however). I hated that the 6110 took combo ink cartridges. I am debating if I should just get a high-quality dedicated photo printer as my photo skills have really increased but my volumes..... I dunno, I do want better photo printing but I also need a light office printer and scanner with a feeder.

Any tips? Recs? Price: I will pay what it takes if I can get what I am asking for - the 6110 was around $300. Any deals out there?

Thanx so much..... Bruce

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If you don't need to go bigger than letter size, Epson has a very solid lineup of all-in-ones. Check out the Artisan line; they're the SOHO models with document feeders.

If you want to go bigger then you're into dedicated photo printer territory.

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How fussy are you?

Last time that happened to me, I ran down to Best Buy and picked up a canon MP620B on sale for under a hundred bucks. It has dedicated ink carts and the resulting print quality is pretty good for a cheap machine. The scanner is handy, but most of the all-in-ones are flat bed scanners though, which is a mild PITA.

If you want a light office printer, you may prefer a cheap laser like an HP P1000 or the like - 95% of my printing is B+W and lasers are fast, low maintenance & much cheaper. I got it for $80, I don't even think I can buy a replacement toner for $80.