Who's gettin' LensSkins for your Canon lenses ?

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This is simply amazing and so pretty: LENS SKINS are hot, and unless you have them on your lenses, you are not.

(Do I really need to say I am not associated with Lensskins in any way, and I've only discovered the product this morning ?)

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omg, do not show me more stuff to buy

going towards bankruptcy

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I seen a girl with one at the park one day. I was shooting senior photos. Well, within 10 minutes of finishing up, I decided to walk the park after the client left.

It must have been announced on public access "if you own a camera go to the park". No less than 20 people, who weren't associated with each other show up.

I know they weren't with the local photography group, since I'm one of the officers.

Well anyway, the one girl had a Nikon body with grip, and a "longish" (guessing 80-200 /70-200) with some blue floral paisley shit on it. It looked like Vera bradley ate some optics and a purse and shit out a lens.

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Sweet. Makes my digital camo LensCoat covers look pretty old & boring, much like the photographer.

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a perfect cover up of those conspicuous, intimidating great big whites

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Oh wow , I have to get a full set of the wood effect

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For my 800L, I have already ordered a lensskin in a custom pattern: "Laura Ashley Chrysanthemum Pink Splash".

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Yes get one for every lens you own just to keep all the observers guessing as to what the heck you are shooting with.

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I'm getting a bunch to make a shirt and pair of pants.

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Cphoto1954 wrote:
Yes get one for every lens you own just to keep all the observers guessing as to what the heck you are shooting with.

That's it. I am sure Ontario "birders" will love to see me shoot in their company with my 800L all nicely decked up in its new lensskin.

Some time ago there was that Ontario birder shooting some slow swiming/drifting ducks with 1DMkIII and 400 f/5.6, at 10 FPS with hardly a break. Tickatackaaaaaa....to no end.
His attire as well as his gear was all camo.
He then complained that my red/black checkered jacket was spooking the ducks.
In reality, ducks didn't give a $hit about us or our clothing as long as we kept our distance.

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What? Nothing for the 24 TS-E II?

After the initial shock, those do look seriously cool. The leather verison seems interesting, as do a few others. I can see this as a quick way to distiguish most-used lenses. That "carnival" is kind of growing on me for my 24-70L! I'd probably spring for a deep blue/green ocean color.

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Mine are WAY more discreet, and only cost a roll of gaffer's tape:


Rob Whiting
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Hippie camo for the occupy protests.

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Or who could do without this one:


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Ohhhhh Preeety... Okay maybe not but I guess there has to be a market. I can now say there is something on the B&H website that I DON'T need to buy.... just leave 400,000 other things :-/

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I don't know which one to get for my 100 IS L!

I like to shoot flowers, so maybe this one:



But then, I want everyone to know the 100L is weather sealed, so maybe this one:



But then this one will make me look more pro and everyone knows pros only use white lenses:



Decisions, Decisions.....

Chris Fawkes
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Do they come in black?

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How dare you bring a sensible question in here.

@gary how often do you redo that. Gaffers tape breaks down over time and can lead to a fine powder...I thought about doing it, but I don't want to deal with a mess. We need invisible shield clones for lenses

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...what I want to see, Mr. Kal, is some shots of your subjects' expressions when they have looked at your Skinned lens and then take a look at you.

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They need to make some of the wood covers for Sigma lenses to match the wood Sigma SD1!


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