Buyer beware

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I received this PM from Fred Miranda; Avoid transactions with member: "Chris Pierce"
You may have trouble if you participate in a transaction with him. If you do, please use Paypal with insurance ONLY.
His account was locked temporarily until we figure out more about it.

I received several PM from "Chris Pierce" because I placed a "wanted Canon 500 mm lens" on B&S.His reply to my PMs were vague to say the least. I finally asked him to call me to talk about the transaction and he had a very heavy accent. I checked Chris Pierce posts and he shoots Nikon gear. Chris Pierce wrote some info about Alaska & appeared to be from someone that spoke English well. Another clue was the fact that the price of the 500 mm lens he was trying to sell me went from $6700 to $5400 with no argument and finally "make me an offer". The phone number he called from was California but he said he was in Roanoke VA. Let this be a lesson, if it smells like a rat it is a rat. All you have to do is do your homework & google people by name and ask alot of questions.

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These guys are successful because of Greed. People want to believe that They can get a bargain, and talk themselves into believing its real. It happens everywhere. Bernie Maddov used the same ploy.