Filter discussion thread

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Please post your sample shots with filters and write a comment.

The idea is, for example, to show how color correction filters act in various lighting conditions.

It would be nice to see comparisons of same shots with and without filters. These could be done with digital camera on daylight WB in attempt to achieve a sort of daylight film+filter emulation (it's not the same, I know, but it is something). The results could be later applied in film photography.

Here is a place that very briefly shows the effect. I would like to see some real world examples though.

There are also other filters, polarizing, NGs, half NGs, UVs, for B&W...

Right now, I am particularly interested in effect of skylight filters, for example.

I understand it isn't the hottest topic in a world of digital photography, but I hope I am not the only one interested. So, please post pics and/or elaborate.