Sac Eagles/ Congrats Conrad (Warning: GORE)

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Congrats on your decision and your new job Conrad. To cushion the shock of change we'll have to go see some of these guys some weekend soon. These are from last season. This is one of the less gory images of the juvi bald eagle who ate a coot in a tree RIGHT above me, long entrail streamers and drippings almost landed in my car. Had to stand on my head in the car to get any angle to shoot a pic.


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A nice set Randy ~ Ron

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Nicely done Randy, like that first and last.

Conrad Tan
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Holy moly! GREAT action set man! And thanks for talking to me yesterday. I hope to meet and shoot with you soon my friend!

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Great shots Randy, #1 is awesome!

Martin Good
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Great capture in # 1 Randy!

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i am heading up there saturday with my wife, these are fantastic shots randy! i haven't been fortunate to find the baldies in action at the snwr, but hopefully some day...i am also thinking of heading up to see the birds at the camanche reservoir in january. they do a few boat tours of the lake, looking at all the baldies that come to winter there. evidently they even have a couple of nests, which i believe is rare for northern california.

louie champan
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Well done Randy.

Tim Kuhn
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1 is a wonderful image! It would be a bit better with the tail in it but my eye does stay pretty much on the task at hand.


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Thanks guys. #1 I was really just about standing on my head on the passenger side of my car to get an angle, and my lens was too large for the shot - I couldnt get the tail in on the original image. Youre not allowed to get out of your car on the auto route (heh).

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cohenfive drop me a line when you plan your trip, camanche is close to me, Ill join you

David Leask
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Excellent shots Randy, well done indeed

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love your eagles Randy