Zenfolio half price offer today

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Not sure where to put this so please move if required.

Just seen that Zenfolio (the company I use for my website) is having a half price offer today.... shame I already have it at full price.


If you should decide to sign up you can get extra money off again by using Referral Code: NM1-WCD-DXA (I get a little credit too for you doing this which helps).

If you want to see it in action my site is totally Zenfolio and works great.

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I recently let my Zenfolio expire after three years. There was nothing really wrong with their product but I was using way less than 2 Gigs and paying $25 for the privilege. If you just want to show your non-professional pictures I recommend Flickr, a freebee if you can stay below their minimum upload requirements.

One thing that I didn't like about Zenfolio was that the copyright notice only worked for the name you chose for your site, which might be fictitious. In my case it was Borderlight, not my birth name that my copyrights were registered under. Thus it was copyrighted as Borderlight on Zenfolio, and there was no way around it. I called them, and they said that's the way they do things and nobody planned to address it.

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Thanks - jumped on it and used your referral code